Welcome!  I design yoga wear & accessories for intelligent, strong, modern women who care about the world and the people in it.  My goal is to create unique & beautiful designer items that are affordable, sustainable & ethically made

Matcha & Ink merges my two passions, health & surface design. I worked in the health & nutrition industry for many years before deciding to pursue my creative dreams in 2013.  I studied graphic design & illustration with the goal of becoming a textile designer (more)

Why Buy Sustainable, Ethical Yoga Wear?

The fast fashion industry creates tonnes of waste going into landfill every hour. Clothing manufacturers often make too much stock which can end up in landfill. The cheap prices of fast fashion encourage consumers to buy items they don’t need, which are often never worn, or worn once before they are thrown away.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers are still using sweatshops. These factories often have poor working conditions, unreasonable hours, unsafe conditions, unfair wages and use child labour.

I spent a lot of time researching how I could make high quality, ethical clothing & accessories. I found a great manufacturer, that agreed to make my items to order. This ensures I never have excess stock ending up in landfill.

My manufacturer is a small business that pays its employees fairly and creates good working conditions.

Each item is shipped to you from my manufacturer. This eliminates the emissions created by unnecessary shipping.

We recycle, compost & use green energy where possible.  I don’t think any business or individual can ever be 100% sustainable but at Matcha & Ink we do the best we possibly can. Read more about our sustainable business practices. 

We plant a tree for every product sold via One Tree Planted who are a non-profit organisation that plant & maintain seedlings in communities all over the world.

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