Should you buy yoga leggings or fashion leggings?

Read below for a quick rundown of the differences between each Matcha & Ink legging style, & see the comparison photo at the bottom of the page.

Yoga Leggings:

  • Thick waistband with a small piece of elastic to help them stay up during athletic activity.
  • Overlocked outside safety stitch for added seam support during yoga poses and gym classes.
  • A gusset in the crotch.

Our yoga legging collection can be found here.

Fashion Leggings:

  • Invisible safety stitch sewn inside the seam
  • Thinner waistband with a large piece of elastic inside it.
  • The fashion leggings are sold at a lower price because they don’t have the added support required for yoga or the gym.

Our fashion legging collection can be found here.

An image explaining the differences between our yoga leggings & fashion legging styles.