Botanical Print Activewear

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Showing 1–12 of 78 results

Matcha & Ink has an extensive floral and botanical yoga and activewear collection. I would love to say I plan out my design process & creating so many botanical prints was intentional, but my process tends to be a lot more spontaneous than that.

At last count, I had 32 indoor plants! My green leaf yoga capri print features one of my favourite indoor plants. I suppose my apparent inability to keep botanical motifs out of my textile designs was to be expected when I decided to give up my naturopathy & herbalism career and become a textile designer. I have always had a thing for plants, whether they be medicinal or just beautiful.

I am fortunate to live in Australia surrounded by nature. You can see the Australian influence when you look at my watercolour leaf design which was inspired by a walk in the Australian Bush.

I hope you like my botanical activewear collection, check back again soon as I have no doubt this collection will continue to grow!