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The inks used in our athletic fabrics are water based pigment inks which are CPSIA compliant and Oeko-Tex™ certified. This means they are non toxic and reduce environmental waste.

You will find more information about our fabric here.

Made To Order

Each product is made to order. This ensures we don’t use more resources than we require.  None of our products end up in landfill due to over production.

Sustainable Shipping

All Matcha & Ink products are shipped directly to you from your closest manufacturer, which are in the US, Canada or Europe. This saves on the greenhouse gas emissions that would be produced by unnecessary shipping. Our office is based in Melbourne, Australia. Imagine all the greenhouse gas emissions that would be produced if I ordered from my supplier in the US, had my delivery shipped to Australia, and then shipped the products back to the US or Europe once I made each sale.

Unfortunately this is how most businesses operate.  I started Matcha & Ink wanting to be as sustainable as possible and could not justify running my business this way.

Office Environment

Matcha & Ink are a home based business.  We recycle, compost & use green power where possible.

Tree Planting

For each Matcha & Ink product sold we purchase a tree via our reforestation partners One Tree Planted.  One Tree Planted grow, plant & care for saplings in regions across the world and are a registered 501c3 charity.